Friday, June 6, 2014

More On The New KBO Set

Jason let me know today that someone on Ebay was selling boxes of the new KBO set.  The seller had some additional information about the set in English:

As I mentioned the other day, each pack contains seven cards.  What the new information reveals is that one of those seven cards is either an "item" or "redemption" card.  The "item" cards unlock something in the on-line game the cards go with (this appears to be a collectible card game) while the "redemption" cards can be exchanged for autographed cards.  The other six cards in the pack are regular cards.  As previously mentioned, there are 126 cards in the set (14 per team).  Those 126 cards are split between 9 "Superstar" cards (gold foil autograph), 18 "Big Star" cards (hologram on player's name, number and team name), 27 "All Stars" (holographic fronts) and 72 "normal" cards.  It looks like all the cards except the "All Stars" have identical backs (like the old Konami Field Of 9 cards).

Jason pointed me to some discussions he had on the Facebook page about the set.  It appears that the three "subsets" are short printed.  There's one poster who said he'd opened 10 boxes (20 packs of six cards each) and still did not have a complete set.

The boxes are cheap enough ($22) that I ordered two boxes so I'll see for myself in two to three weeks.  Maybe I can do some trading to complete the set.


Greg Dunn said...

I'd love to pick this set up, but not having any foreigners in it is a bit of a turn-off for me. Perhaps money was an issue but an odd decision by the manufacturer.

NPB Card Guy said...

To quote Jason - "It seemed that the company went out of their way not to include any foreigners as there are several rookies who get little playing time and a player or two who aren't even playing this year in the mix"

I wonder if it was some sort of licensing issue or if they're saving them for a second series.

Jason Presley said...

I'm hoping they are just saving the foreigners for a second series. Granted I doubt they had international sales in their business plan at all, otherwise this would have been a good way to limit interest outside Korea.