Thursday, April 28, 2016

1st Version Fighters Arizona Photos

I mentioned in my post about the new 1st Version set that typically BBM will use photos from last season for the cards (unless the team changes uniforms over the winter) when they can.  They have to get photos in training camp, however, for anyone who is new to a team - draft picks, new foreign players and players who switched teams over the winter.  I left unmentioned the implications of this for this year's set - anyone who is new to the Fighters this year likely had their picture taken for their card when they were in Arizona.

Actually let me caveat that a bit - not everybody who was new to the team went to Arizona so obviously some of the new players had their photos taken in Okinawa.  But I'm pretty sure that the cards of the Fighters top two draft picks (Kenta Uehara and Takayuki Katoh) and their two new foreign players (Anthony Bass and Chris Martin) feature photos taken in Arizona:




(Actually I just found the photo for Bass's card in the Fighter's photo gallery for February 7th in Peoria.)

Another thing that I mentioned in the post is that the theme of the team cards was training camp.  There's absolutely no question about where the photo on the Fighters' team card was taken:

I found this photo on the Fighter's web site as well.  It shows Yuki Saitoh pitching against the Lotte Giants on February 8th.

I'm kind of hoping that there will be a subset in the Fighter's team set devoted to their trip to Arizona but that's probably unlikely.


Tony Burbs said...

Chris Martin? I had no idea that the lead singer of Coldplay has diamond aspirations!

But seriously, the Arizona desert makes for a pretty unique background on these cards from the other side of the Pacific. I also love how they framed the American Flag on the team card. Nice stuff!

NPB Card Guy said...

There's a guy at my company named Chris Martin - I keep thinking about how talented he must be to work for us, sing for Coldplay and pitch in Japan...

Jason Presley said...

Don't forgrt those ProMags sports magnet sets he produced in the 1990s. Busy guy!