Thursday, April 2, 2020

2006 World Baseball Classic Round Up - Korean Edition

Continuing my series of posts on cards for the Korean National Team...

The 2006 World Baseball Classic was an extremely frustrating experience for the Korean team.  They had the best overall record in the tournament, having won all six of their games over the first two rounds.  However they were matched up with Japan in the semi-finals - a team they had already beaten twice in the tournament - and lost 6-0 to be eliminated.  Korea was forced to settle for third place overall.

As I've pointed out before, Upper Deck issued 335 base cards over eight separate sets for the 2006 World Baseball Classic.  These sets were:

- a 50 card WBC box set (3 Korean players)
- a 30 card "Inaugural Images" set (4 Korean players)
- a 25 card "World Future Stars" set (1 Korean player)
- a 50 card "All World Team" set (5 Korean players)
- a 50 card "WBC Moments" set (6 cards for 5 Korean players)
- a 100 card "Future Watch" set (with each card serial numbered to 999) (Korean players)
- a 15 card "Counterparts" set with each card featuring two players (4 Korean players)
- a 15 card "Ovation Nation" set (2 Korean players)

32 of those cards featured Korean players - although only 13 players from the 28 man roster had cards.  Almost half of the cards are for Lee Jong-beom (7 cards) and Lee Seung-yeop (8 cards).  Here's the entire roster along with the cards for the players who had them:

Player Cards
Bae Young-soo None
Bong Jung-keun Box Set #34
Cho In-sung None
Choi Hee-seop WBC Moments #CM-31
Chong Tae-hyon None
Chung Jae-hun None
Hong Sung-heon Inaugural Images #II-1
Jin Kab-yong None
Jun Byung-doo None
Kim Byung-hyun None
Kim Dong-joo None
Kim Jae-gul None
Kim Jong-kook Future Watch #WBC-67
Kim Min-jae Future Watch #WBC-69
Kim Sun-woo None
Kim Tae-kyun None
Koo Dae-sung None
Lee Byung-kyu Future Watch #WBC-63
Lee Jin-young None
Lee Jong-beom Box set #35, Counterparts #CP-5, Future Watch #WBC-66, Inaugural Images #II-24, World Future Stars #WBC-18, All World Team #AWT-30, WBC Moments #CM-28
Lee Seung-yeop Box set #36, Counterparts #CP-6, Future Watch #WBC-70, Inaugural Images #II-20, Ovation Nation #ON-SL, All World Team #AWT-31, WBC Moments #CM-26 & #CM-27
Oh Seung-hwan None
Park Chan-ho Counterparts #CP-10, Inaugural Images #II-29, All World Team #AWT-34, WBC Moments #CM-30
Park Jin-man Future Watch #WBC-65
Park Yong-taik None
Seo Jae-weong Counterparts #CP-11, Ovation Nation #ON-JA, All World Team #AWT-32, WBC Moments #CM-29
Son Min-han Future Watch #WBC-68, All World Team #AWT-33
Song Ji-man Future Watch #WBC-64

In addition to the cards listed here there are parallel versions of a couple of the sets and there are memorabilia cards available for Choi Hee-seop, Lee Jong-beom, Park Jin-man and Son Min-han.

Here's a card for each player who had one:

Box Set #34

WBC Moments #CM-31

Inaugural Images #II-1

Future Watch #WBC-67

Future Watch #WBC-69

Future Watch #WBC-63

World Future Stars #WBC-18 

WBC Moments #CM-27

Counterparts #CP-10

Future Watch #WBC-65

Ovation Nation #ON-JA

All World Team #AWT-33

Future Watch #WBC-64

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