Sunday, April 5, 2020

2020 Panini USA Baseball Stars & Stripes Japanese Collegiate All Stars

Panini issued their latest USA Baseball set called "Stars & Stripes" about a month ago and for the second year in a row the set includes autograph/memorabilia cards for last year's Collegiate Samurai Japan team.  This is the squad that played against the USA Baseball team in the 43rd USA vs Japan Collegiate All Star Series played last summer in Japan (Japan won 3 games to 2).

This is the third time Panini has done cards for the Japanese College All Stars (2019 and 2013 were their previous ones) and the fourth time a US company has done them (Upper Deck in 2008).

Here's the list of players in the set and their respective colleges.  Five of the players were in last year's set (Hiromi Ito, Ryosuke Kodama, Masato Morishita, Toshiya Sato and Takashi Umino) and seven of them were taken in last fall's NPB draft.

Name Position College School Year Year Drafted Team Round DOB
Yudai Furukawa Catcher Jobu 3 N/A 6/19/1998
Yuya Gunji Catcher Keio 4 2019 Dragons 4 12/27/1997
Takahisa Hayakawa Pitcher Waseda 3 N/A 7/6/1998
Hiromi Ito Pitcher Tomakomai Komazawa 3 N/A 8/31/1997
Ryosuke Kodama Infielder Kyushu Sangyo 3 N/A 7/10/1998
Shugo Maki Infielder Chuo 3 N/A 4/21/1998
Kazuya Maruyama Outfielder Meiji 2 N/A 7/18/1999
Masato Morishita Pitcher Meiji 4 2019 Carp 1 8/25/1997
Shota Morishita Outfielder Chuo 1 N/A 8/14/2000
Hiyu Motoyama Infielder Tohoku Fukushi 3 N/A 12/4/1998
Shoki Murakami Pitcher Toyo 3 N/A 6/25/1998
Ryusei Ogawa Infielder Kokugakuin 3 N/A 4/5/1998
Shunsuke Sato Pitcher Tsukuba 2 N/A 1/3/2000
Toshiya Sato Catcher Toyo 4 2019 Marines 2 1/27/1998
Ryo Shinohara Infielder Tsukuba 4 N/A 5/5/1997
Riku Takemura Outfielder Kinki 4 N/A 8/21/1997
Mikiya Tanaka Infielder Asia 1 N/A 11/28/2000
Takuma Uchima Pitcher Asia 3 N/A 11/21/1998
Koki Ugusa Outfielder Hosei 4 2019 Carp 2 4/17/1997
Takashi Umino Catcher Tokai 4 2019 Hawks 2 7/15/1997
Iori Yamasaki Pitcher Tokai 3 N/A 10/10/1998
Tatsuru Yanagimachi Infielder Keio 4 2019 Hawks 5 4/20/1997
Ryuji Yasumoto Infielder Hosei 4 N/A 5/28/1997
Daiki Yoshida Pitcher Nittai 4 2019 Swallows 2 7/27/97

There are 11 different varieties of these cards - Silhouettes Signatures Jerseys Prime (#'d to between 17 and 19), Buttons Signatures (#'d to 7),  Signatures (#'d to 5), Signatures PE (#'d to 5),  Silhouettes Sig Jerseys PE (#'d to 5),  Silhouettes Signatures Jerseys (#'d to 5), Laundry Tag Signatures (#'d to 2), Prime Signatures (#'d to 2), Silhouettes Signatures Jerseys Samurai Japan (#'d to 2), Silhouettes Signatures Jerseys Brand Logo Asics (1 of 1) and Signatures Jerseys GungHo (1 of 1).  

The two cards I have so far are both of the Silhouettes Signatures Jerseys Prime variety - the Shota Morishita card at the top of this post and this card of Kazuya Maruyama:

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Fuji said...

Wow. Those patches are sweet. I really like the card design and Panini's decision to include these Japanese collegiate all-stars in their product.