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2013 Panini USA Baseball Japan Collegiate National Team

In 2013 Panini issued a box set for the USA National Teams (which included the collegiate, 18U and 15U teams).  Each set contained a handful of autograph and memorabilia cards.  The autograph and memorabilia cards had a number of different varieties.  Oddly enough one of the varieties were autographs from the 2013 Japanese Collegiate National Team that Team USA had played in Japan in the first half of July that yearI've written about these cards in the past but I wanted to do another post on them because I think I've finally got the checklist down.

There are 24 cards in the set.  Each card contains a headshot of the player over what I think is a sticker autograph.  Each card is numbered to only 25.  I have five of these now and I'd love to get them all but I suspect completing the set will be financially unfeasible.

Here's the checklist.  For each player I list his uniform number, his college and what collegiate year he was in 2013 (1-4).  16 of the players were drafted directly from college into NPB so I list the year they were drafted along with the team that drafted them and the round.  Two of the players were drafted after playing a few seasons in the industrial leagues so I list their industrial league team as well.  The other six players have not been drafted yet - I was able to track down three of them in the industrial leagues - I suspect the other three may be there as well. UDPATE 8/18/19 - Discovered Shori Ohkido (not Shohri Ookido as his card says) and Masaki Rokuno played for Honda and Toyota respectively.

Card No. Uniform No. Name Position College School Year Year Drafted Team Round Industrial League Team
1 1 Ryo Miki IF Jobu University 4 2013 Marines 3
2 2 Shogo Nakamura IF Waseda University 3 2014 Marines 1
3 3 Kanji Kawai IF Hosei University 4 N/A N/A N/A Toyota
4 4 Koji Ohshiro IF Rikkio University 2 2015 Buffaloes 3
5 5 Yudai Fujioka IF Asia University 2 2017 Marines 2 Toyota
6 6 Naomichi Nishiura IF Hosei University 4 2013 Swallows 2
7 7 Tomohiro Mineshita IF Kinki University 3 N/A N/A N/A Osaka Gas
8 8 Gen Mizutani OF Asia University 1 N/A N/A N/A Toho Gas
9 9 Shori Ookido
OF Hosei University 4 N/A N/A N/A Honda
10 10 Ryutero Umeno C Fukuoka University 4 2013 Tigers 4
11 11 Masaji Rokuno P Tokai University 4 N/A N/A N/A Toyoda
12 12 Seishiro Sakamoto C Meiji University 2 2015 Tigers 2
13 14 Daichi Osera P Kyushu Kyoritsu University 4 2013 Carp 1
14 15 Yasuaki Yamasaki P Asia University 3 2014 Baystars 1
15 16 Toyoki Tanaka P Nihon Bunri University 2 2015 Fighters 5
16 17 Sachiya Yamasaki P Meiji University 3 2014 Buffaloes 1
17 18 Toshihiro Sugiura P Kokugakuin University 4 2013 Swallows 1
18 19 Ryota Sekiya P Meiji University 4 2015 Marines 2 JR Higashinihon
19 21 Kenta Ishida P Hosei University 3 2014 Baystars 2
20 22 Hiroki Minei C Asia University 4 2013 Baystars 3
21 24 Taiga Egoshi OF Komazawa University 3 2014 Tigers 3
22 25 Hiromi Oka IF Meiji University 4 2013 Fighters 3
23 26 Masataka Yoshida OF Aoyama Gakuin University 2 2015 Buffaloes 1
24 27 Ryohei Ishikawa C Kokugakuin University 4 N/A N/A N/A ?

As you can see it's a pretty interesting list.  There's six first round draft picks and two CL Rookie of the Years (Daichi Osera & Yasuaki Yamasaki).  Here's the five cards I have:






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Ryan G said...

I didn't even realize this set exists, though I must have known at some point. Maybe I dismissed it due to the low serial-numbering. I wouldn't mind having it either, but I don't see it being something I'd bother budgeting for both due to the difficulty of finishing the set and the cost involved. Too bad they didn't have a non-autographed base version of this set for us normal folk.