Thursday, October 6, 2022

2022 Epoch NPB Luxury Collection

I left off a recently announced set from yesterday's post because I hadn't seen any details about it yet.  So of course Epoch put information up about the set on their website today.  The set is called "NPB Luxury Collection" and it basically is a high end version of a subset of the 2022 Epoch NPB set.  Actually the proper analogy is that this is Epoch's version of Topps' Chrome sets for their MLB cards - the set has fewer cards than the original set (108 instead of 432) and each base card is "metal" which I assume means a metallic finish and not literally a metal card.  The 108 cards break down to nine per team.  The set's write up in claims that the set will contain cards for all the non-ikusei players taken in last fall's draft - all 77 of them.  If that's true, the set will only have 31 cards of established players.

I'm not entirely sure on the parallels and inserts but I think each card in the set has three serially numbered parallels - "emerald green" (#'d to 50), "black gold" (#'d to 10) and "black" (1 of 1).  There are three different versions of "Hologram Foil" cards but I'm not sure if these are parallels or insert cards.  There are 36 cards for each version (3 per team) and I'm not entirely sure if these are serially numbered or not.  Finally it looks like there are both printed and handwritten autographed versions of every card in the set - there may be two different versions of each.

The set will be released on November 26th.


Jason Presley said...

I'm working on adding these to TCDB. Does "Printed" just mean facsimile?

NPB Card Guy said...

I think so