Monday, October 3, 2022

KBO 40 Legend In NPB

I had done a post a few weeks back on the "KBO 40 Legend" - a list of the top 40 retired players in the 40 year history of the KBO.  I pointed out in the post that 11 of the 40 players had also played in NPB.  I thought it'd be fun to do a quick post* showing NPB cards of all 11 players (even though I had already shown NPB cards for two of the players because I didn't have any KBO cards of them).

* Yeah, I THOUGHT it'd be a quick post until my scanner decided to start acting up...

Here are the eleven players in roughly their order of appearance in NPB - remember that Baek In-cheon and Lee Sang-hoon played in Japan under the names Jinten Haku and Samson respectively.

1979 TCMA #2

1998 BBM #135

1999 BBM #61

2001 BBM #298

2003 Calbee #165

2001 BBM Giants #G27

2007 BBM Dragons #D070

2005 Calbee #100

2009 BBM Dragons #D59

2011 BBM Swallows #S03

2010 BBM Marines #M53

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