Saturday, September 2, 2023

More Calbees from COMC

I recently placed another order with COMC for a bunch of Calbee cards - mostly from the mid-70's.  I wanted to do a quick post to show off what I got.

First up is this card of Shinichi Eto from the 1975/76 set.  Eto was player-manager of the Taiheiyo Club Lions for the 1975 season and I think this photo was taken during spring training that year:

1975/76 Calbee #624

Ron Woods (left) and Gene Martin (right) of the Chunichi Dragons:

1975/76 Calbee #682

Team card for the Carp from the 1975/76/77 set.  Top row is manager Takeshi Koba (#72), Kojiro Ikegaya (#11), Yoshiro Sotokoba (#14) and Yukinobu Miyamoto (#19).  Middle row is Kazushi Saeki (#21), Shiro Mizunuma (#22), Tsuyoshi Ohshita (#1) and Sachio Kinugasa (#3).  Bottom row is Gail Hopkins (#6), Toshiyuki Mimura (#9), Richie "Shane" Scheinblum (#5) and Koji Yamamoto (#1).  

1975/76/77 Calbee #461

Hiromitsu Kadota of the Nankai Hawks celebrating winning the MVP award for the second All Star game on July 18th, 1976 at Korakuen Stadium:

1975/76/77 Calbee #917

This next card shows Hisashi Yamada of the Hankyu Braves but I'm not sure what the occasion is.  I was thinking it might be from the 1976 Nippon Series but there's nothing on the card to indicate that.  Still, it's kind of an interesting shot of him:

1975/76/77 Calbee #1161

Yoshimasa Takahashi of the Nippon-Ham Fighters:

1975/76/77 Calbee #1375

"Rivals" card showing Ikegaya of the Carp (left) and Yamada of the Braves (right):

1975/76/77 Calbee #1402

Have to do a bit of a time jump for this last card - a "Legend" insert card from 2017 celebrating the retirement of Giants pinch running specialist Takahiro Suzuki:

2017 Calbee #L-4

This isn't quite all the Calbee cards I picked up in this order but the others are part of a subset that I want to do a separate post about.  I'm hoping to do it in the next few days.

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Sean said...

Nice pick ups!

I bought that Martin/ Woods card last year and quite like it, its one of the better cards in terms of displaying the old Dragons home uniforms.

That card from the Rivals series is pretty hard to find. I have that one, but am still missing quite a few from the same series.