Thursday, November 30, 2023

Latest COMC Order - Calbees And More

I wanted to a quick post about my most recent pickups from COMC.  As usual it involved several mid-70's Calbees but there were some more recent cards as well.

We'll start with this card of Akihiko Ohya as I'm always a sucker for a good Yakult Atoms card:

1973/74 Calbee #194

This Dragons card is kind of interesting as there's four guys on the card but Engel's Guide only lists three of them.  From left to right that's Kinji Shimatani, Morimichi Takagi, Senichi Hoshino and Kenichi Yazawa.  All four are labeled on the card but Yazawa's missing from the Guide:

1974/75 Calbee #78

I don't see cards showing Nippon-Ham's away uniforms from 1974 very often so I thought I should grab this Isao Harimoto card:

1974/75 Calbee #248

I picked up two more cards for The Florida Project although I'm still not committing myself to trying to get all of them.  These are both cards of Shigeo Nagashima:

1974/75 Calbee #704

1974/75 Calbee #714

I also picked up one of the "Rivals" cards from the 1975/76/77 Calbee set.  That's Harimoto (now with the Giants) on the left and Tsutomu Wakamatsu of the Yakult Swallows on the right:

1975/76/77 Calbee #1409

Let's jump ahead 46 years to this Star card of Roki Sasaki from the 2023 Calbee Series One set:

2023 Calbee #S-10

Besides the Calbees, I also picked up a couple cards from Konami's 2023 Baseball Collection.  These are from a collectible card game and I think these are rare cards that are more powerful than the regular cards although I don't know any of the details:

2023 Konami Baseball Collection #2022C4-SR-S005-00

2023 Konami Baseball Collection #2022CO-P-DB-006-00

The last card I picked up was this 1958 style insert from last year's Topps NPB set:

2022 Topps NPB "1958" #58-13


Sean said...

Oh wow, those are some great cards

I really like Isao Harimoto cards with those Nippon Ham road uniforms from the 70s too, there are a few of them in that set and they are all great.

Love that Dragons card too.

Nick Vossbrink said...

Damn I keep forgetting to look at Calbees on COMC

Jason Presley said...

I'm going to assume the Konami Baseball Collection is just all one big set, with different subsets, like how one of the Korean companies did a few years ago. I guess I will just have to start compiling the checklists one card at a time as I can't seem to find a solid reference for Baseball Collection checklists.