Sunday, April 21, 2024

Card Of The Week April 21

There's been a lot of discussion on-line this past week about an error on the back of Hiromi Itoh's card in the new 2024 Calbee Series One set.  Itoh's height is listed as 176 meters (577-ish feet) rather than 176 centimeters (around 5 foot, 10 inches).  Calbee has issued an apology and is offering to exchange the card for a corrected version "at a later date".  

While the error is amusing (Gaijin Baseball on Twitter dubbed it "Kaiju Itoh"), I've been somewhat surprised to see people trying to sell the card for inflated prices on Yahoo! Japan Auctions.  I mean, sure, it's an error card but as far as I can tell, all the Itoh cards have this error.  I've yet to see a corrected version for sale and it remains to be seen if Calbee will correct the card as part of the print run for Series One or just send corrected cards to folks who send in the error cards.

Here's the front and back of the card:

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Sean said...

Ha, I just checked and I do have that Itoh card and mine does say "176m".

There is also an error on the chip bags themselves that Calbee has noted. On the back of the bags where it explains the "Lucky Card" promotion it has mis-spelled "Lucky" in Japanese ("ラッキ"instead of "ラッキー").

If I get a double of the Itoh card I think I'll send the extra one in to get the corrected version (assuming they don't put them in bags before that).