Saturday, April 20, 2024

Mail Day From Jason

I wanted to do a quick post about some cards I got in the mail today from my friend Jason.  He'd put a couple interesting memorabilia and autograph cards up on Ebay that I picked up and as usual he threw in a bunch of random cards in the package with what I had bought.

First up are the afore mentioned memorabilia and autograph cards:

2022 BBM Genesis /300

2022 BBM Genesis /350

2023 BBM Genesis /200

2023 Epoch Premier Edition #AA-15 /97

The only other card I know was going to be in the package was this 2022 BBM Genesis card of Keita Nakagawa.  Nakagawa is one of the players who was in Genesis that year but none of BBM's flagship sets:

2022 BBM Genesis #060

Jason also threw in some 2023 BBM Genesis cards:

2023 BBM Genesis #020

2023 BBM Genesis #022

2023 BBM Genesis #032

There were also a couple cards from the 2022 Epoch NPB Luxury Collection:

2022 Epoch NPB Luxury Collection #002

022 Epoch NPB Luxury Collection #074

A 2023 Topps 206 Mini card:

2023 Topps 206 #31

And finally two "kira" parallels from the 2023 BBM 2nd Version set:

2023 BBM 2nd Version #526

2023 BBM 2nd Version #527

Thanks so much, Jason, and, as always, it was a pleasure doing business with you!

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