Monday, December 31, 2007

Card Of The Week December 30

I'm not sure who's the publisher of these cards, but there's a set of cards that commemorates each of Hideki Matsui's home runs in Japan, at least through the 2001 season. This card is for home run #182 on June 13, 1999 against the Tigers at Koshien:

Happy New Year everybody.


Jason Presley said...

Does each card show an actual photo from the particular home run? That's a heck of a lot better than the garbage HR History cards Topps keeps regurgitating.

NPB Card Guy said...

This is the only one of these cards that I have, but I believe that each card shows a picture of the home run as well as info about the circumstances. And yes, I agree that it's better than those stupid Topps cards.

Jason Presley said...

I'm now the proud owner of about 118 of these cards (and the cool, orange, plastic card holder they issued for the set) and they do look to actually document the moment of each home run. Lots of the photos could be from almost any time (Matsui at the plate), but lots of them show him running the bases or being welcomed at the plate by teammates.

Apparently they were issued bt NTV, but I'm not sure how they were distributed. I plan to get them all scanned and add a gallery to my PicasaWeb for them.