Thursday, April 3, 2008

Chips Ahoy!

Sometimes I'm just not paying attention...

Last Friday, Deanna Rubin had a post in which she mentioned that she had bought a bag of 2008 Calbee Pro Yakyu chips, which gave her her first 2008 baseball card. One would think that something like this would be something that might be of interest to a blog that attempts to be a clearing house of information regarding Japanese baseball cards, but sadly, this information has remained unremarked upon until now.

So, anyway, I hear that the 2008 Calbee cards are out! (Not that I really think that anyone reads my blog and not Deanna's...) One useful thing that I did do as a result is track down the link to Calbee's web page for their baseball cards. On the negative side (for me anyway) is that it's in Japanese. On the positive side, it contains checklists going back to 1998. Unfortunately, it doesn't show what the cards look like (although Calbee cards tend to be very similar from year to year).

A more recent post of Deanna's reveals that (according to the card shop she went to) BBM's 1st Version set should hit the shelves on April 17.

She also mentions that there are cards for MLB being put into Kellogg's cereal boxes. I've seen these (well, last year's version) up on Ebay. These cards are actually produced by Upper Deck.

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