Friday, April 25, 2008

Tokyo Big 6 set

I received my brand new 2008 BBM Tokyo Big 6 Baseball League box set today in the mail from YakyuShop. As I said before, the set features 9 player cards and a team card for each of the six universities in the Tokyo Bix 6 collegiate league.

The cards are beautiful. Here's some examples:

And the inside of the box has a nice picture of what I think is Jingu Stadium, home of the Swallows.

Two questions - (1)the box says "Spring Version". Does that mean there will be an "Autumn Version"? (2)Will there be a set for the Kansai Big 6 as well?


Anonymous said...

how did you get this? I cant find it on

NPB Card Guy said...

Send them an e-mail. There are things that they don't necessarily stock but they can find for you.

Anonymous said...

ok, how much would it cost? Sorry for forgetting to ask this before..

NPB Card Guy said...

I think it was around $30-35, but I don't remember for sure. I think it's going to depend on how much it costs YakyuShop to find it in the stores in Japan - might be more, might be less.