Monday, May 5, 2008

Card Of The Week May 4

Julio Franco announced his retirement the other day. Franco played two years in Japan for the Chiba Lotte Marines - in 1995 for Bobby Valentine's first stint as manager of the Marines and again in 1998. He had cards in the 1995 BBM set (numbers 469 and 628), the 1998 BBM set (# 498), the 1998 Diamond Heroes set (# 229), the 1998 Calbee regular (# 109), Starcards (# S-26), CD card (# CD-18) and East Special (# E-16) sets as well as the 1998 Takara Marines set (he does not appear in either the 1995 Calbee or Takara Marines sets). He also appears in both the 1995 and 1998 BBM All Star sets. Here's his 1998 BBM All Star card (#A38):

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Anonymous said...

Hope All is well> Do you have any Julio cards fors sale from 1995 or 1998? I am looking for 1995 BBM #628 & #A49. 1998 BBM #A38, Calbee #S-26, Pacific #15, or Takara MA-7. We have collected close to 550 Julio franco items. Let us know if you have any for sale or know a good source?
Have a great day