Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hawks 70th Anniversary Set

According to their website, BBM is coming out with a set to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Hawks. It's a pack based set containing 99 cards (6 team history, 66 OB players, 18 current players and 9 current players in "Turn Back The Clock" uniforms) and assorted inserts.

The set also commemorates the 20th Anniversary of the Hawks moving from Osaka to Fukuoka after the 1988 season when Daiei bought the team from Nankai. Daiei sold the team to Softbank after 2004.

The set will be released on August 23.

This will be the fourth 70th Anniversary team set BBM has produced, following the Giants in 2004, the Tigers in 2005 and the Dragons in 2006.

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