Sunday, March 21, 2010

Coffee Cards

According to this post from Yakyu Baka, there will be baseball cards distributed with cans of Georgia Coffee this season. From what the post says, two cards will be handed to you when you buy the cans at convenience stores. There are 60 cards in the set. It's hard to tell from the pictures on the official website, but I think that the cards might be made by BBM - it looks like it might be their logo on the cards. The cards will be available starting March 23 (Tuesday).

Coca Cola Japan, who makes Georgia coffee, announced a partnership with NPB last week.

Yakyu Baka also has a post up showing another couple packs of this year's Calbee cards.

UPDATE: Yakyu Baka has a post up showing his first pack of Georgia Coffee cards. As I suspected, they are produced by BBM.

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Deanna said...

My Calbee pull was MUCH cooler. :P