Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2010 Calbee Series 2

Last week, the checklist for 2010 Calbee Series 2 went up on Calbee's website. The "regular" set contains 96 cards (number 97-192 in continuation of Series 1) - eight cards per team. There is some overlap between the players included in Series 1 and the players included in Series 2, but they are not identical lists.

Series 2 also contains a couple insert sets. There's an "Opening Day Player" (OP) set featuring 12 players who were in their team's Opening Day lineup (one for each team). There's a "Team Manager" (TM) set that (obviously) contains a card for each team's manager. There are four checklist cards that feature game highlights from the early part of the season. There's a 24 card "Star Card" set featuring two stars from each team and a 12 card "Hits Leader" (HL) set that features a leading hitter from each team and is apparently only available through some sort of redemption.

The cards will be released on June 14.

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