Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Marines and Hawks Team sets

Last week, BBM put up information on their website for the latest 2010 team sets - the Marines and the Hawks.

The Marines set is a pack based set containing 99 cards (like almost every other 2010 team set). There are 77 cards for players, coaches and the manager, four checklist cards (showing the mascots, I think), three cards for rookies (I think again), three cards for guys chasing records, three cards for players who changed their uniform number, three cards showing the history of a couple uniform numbers, and the six card BBM 20th Anniversary "Cross Stream" cross-set subset. There's a nine card inset set ("key players") and (again I think) possible jersey and autograph cards from Yoshihisa Naruse, Tsuyoshi Nishioka and someone who I think is Tae-Kyun Kim. The set will be released in the middle of June.

The Hawks set will also be 99 cards which will be broken down as 77 cards for players, coaches and manager, one checklist card, three cards for "SBM Victory", a nine card puzzle, three cards for "skyrocketing players" and six cards for the BBM 20th Anniversary cross-set subset. There's a nine card insert set (that I have no idea what the theme is) and possible jersey and autograph cards. Like the Marines set, this set will be out in mid-June.

This brings the total number of team sets BBM has announced to nine. The only teams remaining are the Dragons, Lions and Giants.

(I apologize for being worse than usual in translating what's in the sets. The subsets seem to be a little obscure this time.)


Jason Presley said...

I'm finally getting around to transcribing the Hawks sets checklists, and I can't make heads or tails of what the 9-card subset is supposed to be. Google Translate can't see to do any better than "sold out this year and does not do it!". Ohhhh-kay. This is one of very few BBM insert sets that didn't just use English on the front.

NPB Card Guy said...

Bing (formerly Yahoo, formerly Babel Fish) translates it as "This year it doesn't say hawks!" which doesn't appear to be any more helpful.