Thursday, November 10, 2011

More New BBM Sets

BBM has announced a couple of new sets in the last week or so:

- There's a new box set entitled "Young Carp" being released in late November.  It contains 38 cards - 36 regular cards plus 2 insert cards.  I think that the 36 "regular" cards feature 3 cards each of 12 different players.  The insert cards include autograph and memorabilia cards.

- There's another new box set being released in late November that features Tigers reliever Kyuji Fujikawa.  It contains 27 "regular" cards plus some sort of memorabilia card - jersey, cap, undershirt, ball or autograph.

- I'm not sure of the release date, but BBM will probably be releasing the 2012 edition of their annual "Historic Edition" set this month.  As always, it's a pack-based set containing 144 "regular" cards - 72 active players and 72 OB players along with 12 insert cards ("Rival Contemporaries"), 24 "photo cards" and an unspecified number of autograph cards.  This year's theme is being translated as "Legend Of The Strongest Generation".  It looks like it's highlighting players either born in a specific year or drafted in a specific year - it may also include players who debuted in a specific year.

- I'm pretty excited about this next set because I called it a few months back.  The "Legends Of The Tokyo Big Six" set will be a pack based set that will be released in December containing former Tokyo Big Six players who went on to play in NBP.  It will contain 108 "regular" cards - 81 retired players (including Shigeo Nagashima), 18 active NBP players (including Yuki Saitoh) and a nine card "Legendary Records" subset.  There is also an 18 card insert set  called "Super Best 9" which I'm guessing has a Best 9 for both the retired and active players.  There will also be autograph and photo cards.

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