Monday, May 14, 2012

2012 Calbee Series Two

Calbee put information on their website today regarding this year's Series Two set.  There will be 72 "regular" player cards (6 per team) that are numbered 74-145 (continuing the numbering from Series One).  There will also be three subsets - Opening Pitchers (OP) featuring the Opening Day pitcher for each team; Memorial Cards (M) featuring reprints of classic Calbee cards as part of their celebration of their 40th Anniversary (numbered 14-25 in continuation of the Series One subset); and the Checklist cards (C) which are also a continuation of the Series One subset (numbered 5-8).  There's also an insert set of 24 Star cards (S), two players per team.  (Once again, this is a continuation of the Series One insert set.)  The cards will be out around June 11.

In other news, while there's no new sets listed on BBM's website, AmiAmi is showing listings for this year's team sets for the Tigers, Baystars and Lions, a box set for Hiroyuki Nakajima and the 2012 Dancing Heroine (Cheerleader) set.

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