Sunday, May 19, 2013

Coming Attactions

New sets on the way:

- Calbee released information on this year's Series Two the other day.  They've increased the number of "regular" cards in the set from 72 to 84 this time around (7 per team instead of 6) but, like Series One, they only have two subsets - a 12 card #1 Draft Pick set (one per team) and the four card checklist subset (continuing the team mascot theme from Series One.).  There's also the 24 cards "Star" insert set (2 players per team) along with a 12 card "Speed Star" box set that is only available through some sort of online sale.  The chip bags hit the stores on June 24.

- BBM listed two more team sets on their website - the Fighters and the Lions.  Both are pack based sets that will feature 99 base cards each along with various insert and memorabilia cards.  They'll both be out in last June.

- I saw a couple interesting upcoming sets on Discount Niki's site that haven't had a formal announcement on BBM's site yet.  There's a Yokohama Baystars 20th Anniversary set coming out on June 27.  I suspect it will follow the "standard team anniversary set pattern" of a bunch of OB Baystars players plus a bunch of current players along with a couple subsets.  The set I'm most interested in though is the BBM Classic set.  This set will feature 72 current players using the 1991 BBM design along with 36 OB players using the 2002 BBM All Time Heroes design.  (I'm not real excited about the OB players being in that design since that was an OB set in the first place.)  The inserts will also be using old designs.  And I'm not positive, but I think BBM bought a bunch of old cards, had the players autograph them and are randomly inserting them.  I've been waiting for BBM to do some sort of set using old card designs for a while (like Topps Heritage or Archives) so I'm really happy to see this set.


Jason Presley said...

I would love to see BBM do some menko or bromide type sets. Some of the die cut designs would be really cool.

NPB Card Guy said...

A Kabaya-Leaf type set would also be really cool.