Sunday, February 1, 2015

Card Of The Week February 1

I realized after I had done my post on newly elected Hall Of Famer Atsuya Furuta last week that I had neglected to include any cards for the "single player" set dedicated to Furuta that BBM had published in late 2007 after he retired (and I wrote about a l-o-n-g time ago).  I thought I would correct that here.  Here are cards showing Furuta when he was drafted in 1989, playing first base (in a game in 1997 according to Baseball Reference) and working out in Yuma, Arizona (I'm guessing the Swallows did spring training in Yuma one year but I have no idea of when):

2007 BBM Furuta Memorial #1

2007 BBM Furuta Memorial #12

2007 BBM Furuta Memorial #17


Son of a Fisherman said...

I collect Japanese cards, is there anywhere to find a beckett for them, to see what they are worth for individual cards?
Thank You,

NPB Card Guy said...

Not really. Gary Engel's Price Guide and Checklist books make an attempt but the modern one hasn't been updated in six years. There's Sports Card Magazine in Japan but that would (obviously) be for the Japanese market. I don't know of any online resources. Sorry I can't help you out.