Thursday, May 16, 2019

Despaigne Despair

I'm not the sharpest guy in the world but sometimes even I notice a trend...

2014 SCM #280/BBM 2nd Version #705

2015 BBM 1st Version #098

2015 BBM 2nd Version Cross Plasma #CP60

2015 BBM 2nd Version #443

2015 BBM Marines #M62
Ok, so all of his cards up to this point feature photos taken either in the last half of 2014 and the first part of 2015.  Surely for his 2016 cards BBM will have been able to get a different pose...

2016 BBM The Ballpark Stories #120

2016 BBM 1st Version Cross Freeze #CF09

2016 BBM 2nd Version #424

2016 BBM Marines #M59
OK, maybe it's just BBM.  Let's go check the Calbee sets...oops!

2016 Calbee #090
In 2017 Despaigne moved to the Hawks.  Maybe BBM'll have better luck finding a new pose there...

2017 BBM 2nd Version #342

2017 BBM Hawks #H81

2017 BBM Genesis #018

2017 BBM Fusion #107
OK, maybe not...

2018 BBM 1st Version #022

2018 BBM Hawks 80th Anniversary #81

2018 BBM Hawks #H67

2018 BBM 2nd Version #390

2018 BBM Hawks 80th Anniversary Celebration #18

2018 BBM Genesis #009

2019 BBM 1sr Version #047
I have 31 Japanese cards of Despaigne, 25 from BBM, four from Calbee and two from Epoch.  A whooping 21 of these cards feature this pose or a close variant of it.  20 of these are from BBM so 80% of the BBM cards I have of him show him this way.

Ridiculous doesn't seem like a strong enough word for this.


Sean said...

I feel like I am being challenged by this post to find an example of unimaginative contemporary BBM/Calbee photography that would match or exceed this Despaigne weirdness.

I'm not sure if I'm up to the task, but at the same time I don't want to underestimate how consistently bad they have been with their photography selection.

Challenge on!

Zippy Zappy said...

I hope this is just an industry-wide inside joke.

SumoMenkoMan said...

You have summarized everything that is unimaginative with BBM. It’s like they are afraid to change things up and take a little risk.