Sunday, June 23, 2019

Card Of The Week June 23

I wanted to share an oddball card I picked up on the trip.  I got this 1998 card of Yoshinobu Takahashi at Mint Ponyland in Nagoya:

Here's what the back looks like:

I knew I had seen either this or a similar card before but it was driving me crazy trying to figure out where.  I finally did a search for "Tokyo Dome" on This Card Is Cool and found that five years ago Ryan had discovered a similar card of Atsushi Kataoka of the Fighters.  He says that these cards are part of a 4 card set (2 Giants and 2 Fighters) that both celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Tokyo Dome and promote a card show in December of 1998 (or were given away at it).  The cards were meant to be paired together so the other Giants card (which I assume is #D-01) shows the other half of the Tokyo Dome.  I'm curious who the other Giant was - I'd guess Hideki Matsui but it might be someone else.

UPDATE - Did some looking around on Yahoo! Japan Auctions and found someone selling all four cards:


Sean said...

Glad that at least one of us picked up something interesting at Mint Ponyland, I remember you showing me that one in the store (or at least something like it)!

Ryan G said...

The text on the card indicates that the card show was held inside the Tokyo Dome. Can you imagine the size of a card show being held inside a domed stadium? I've never been to the National so I have no real comparison except for the shows I've seen in the US.

NPB Card Guy said...

It's possible the show was held on a concourse instead of the field. I've been to a couple running festivals where they have vendors and packet pickup done at a stadium - almost every time it's not been on the field.

I kind of want to get all four cards for this "set" now...