Sunday, July 7, 2019

Card Of The Week July 7

On my last night in Tokyo I stopped by G-Freak, an odd little store near Okachimachi Station.  The store has a lot of cards but they're not really organized well.  They pretty much have random cards in boxes that are sorted by team.  It can be very interesting to go through a box of cards for a team and have really no idea what you might come across but you need patience and time.

I didn't spend a lot of time at the store but I did go through one of the boxes for the Carp and I came across this odd, blank backed "card" of Gail Hopkins.  Hopkins had spent two years with Hiroshima in the mid-70's and I assume the card is from then but it's uncatalogued. 

When I went to buy it and a handful of other cards I had found the owner mentioned something I should have realized - the "card" is actually a matchbook!  The white stripe in the center is the spine of the book and the card is scored on each side of the white strip so that it could be folded.  I don't know what the logo or the text is in the stripe - I assume it's the manufacturer but I don't know.


Sean said...

The writing in the green box in the middle says "Takashima Bank", so it must have been a set of matches given out to their customers or something. Kind of neat!

NPB Card Guy said...

Oh, cool - thanks for the translation!