Monday, December 12, 2022

Another Samurai Japan Set And The First 2023 Set (Kind Of)

I wanted to do a quick post about a couple of sets that were announced this past weekend.

- Topps Japan is releasing more on-line, on-demand cards for the Samurai Japan team that played two friendlies against Australia last month.  This time it's a 30 card set for the team which includes cards for all 28 players along with a card for manager Hideki Kuriyama and a "cover" card listing all the games the team played in November (including the games against the Fighters and Giants but without the scores for any of the games for some reason).  The set runs 8000 yen and will be on sale until mid-January (I think the 15th but it could be the 14th).  It appears that you can order this set from the US although shipping will be 3900 yen.  The total of 11,900 yen works out to around $86.

- Epoch and the Japan Retired Foreign Players Association are teaming up again for another set.  It apparently is listed as a 2022 set although it won't be published until February 11th.  Like their first set, this one will be sold in a box containing the entire base set plus a serially numbered insert card and an autographed card.  It looks like the price will be 10,000 yen per box (around $73).  I don't know how big the set will be.  The players appearing in the promotional material include Andruw Jones, Tom O'Malley, Tuffy Rhodes, Matt Winters, Mike Greenwell and Alonzo Powell - Jones, Rhodes and Winters all appeared in the first set.   UPDATE - Twitter user @Sportsandcard pointed me at a web page with more information - the base set will be 34 cards.  The page also lists all the players in the set as well.

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