Friday, December 2, 2022

Really The Last 2022 Sets

I really thought when I did the post a few weeks ago on recently announced sets that I had covered the final sets that were going to be released in 2022.  It turns out that I was wrong and there have been two more sets announced - and one of those is actually out already.

- SCC released their third set this year for the KBO - Golden Premium - back on November 18th.  The set contains 180 cards plus a bunch of jersey and patch cards.  Don't know if there are autographed cards or not.  Pretty much everything I know about this set is from the information on it that Dan from Korean Cardboard put up about it over at the Trading Card Database.  UPDATE - I missed a tweet from Dan that had more details about the set.  In addition to the base and memorabilia cards, the set also has two insert set (54 card "Speed" and 48 card "Galaxy") and four different varieties of autograph cards.  Thanks for the information, Dan!  ANOTHER UPDATE - someone left a comment with SCC's web page so it's possible to see more details about the set over there.

- BBM is releasing a new ultra high end multi-sport set called "Crown" at the end of the month.  Boxes will retail for 22,000 yen (~$165) and will contain six cards (at least one of which is an autograph).  The base set will contain 48 cards, over half of which will feature baseball players.  The players are a mix of OB (Sadaharu Oh, Koji Yamamoto, Hideki Matsui, Lee Seung-Yeop, Kazuhiro Sasaki, Ralph Bryant, Orestes Destrade, etc) and active (Teruaki Sato, Munetaka Murakami, Masahiro Tanaka, Roki Sasaski, Yuki Yanagita, Yoshinobu Yamamoto, etc).  Other sports represented in the set include sumo, pro wrestling, track & field, soccer, basketball, rugby, swimming and ski jumping.  There's four "High Grade Insert Card" sets associated with the set - "Velvet" (48 cards), "Jet" (48 cards), "Foil Autographed Card" (24 cards) and "Sparkling (3D)" (12 cards).  I guess from the numbers that the "Velvet" and "Jet" cards are essentially parallels.  Looks like the "Velvet" cards are actually made of velvet and the "Jet" cards use "jet black special paper".  Oh, yeah, and there are autographed cards available as well.


Anonymous said...

You can check SCC information from its own community.

NPB Card Guy said...

Awesome! I assumed SCC had a website but I never knew what it was. Thank you!

Jason Presley said...

Aside from Crown (because the checklist is not available, yet), I think I have finally finished adding all of the 2022 BBM and Epoch sets to TCDB, including all of the inserts. Bookstore and Stadium promos might be all that is missing.

Any chance you are planning to compile the checklists for Epoch One for 2021 & 2022? Pretty please? I plagiarized your 2018 - 2020 efforts for TCDB last week.