Sunday, December 11, 2022

Card Of The Week December 11

I ran into a bit of problem a couple weeks ago when I was putting together my post for the 2022 NPB Award winners.  I wanted to use cards from Epoch's NPB set for the Best 9 award winners but for whatever reason Yuki Okabayashi of the Dragons wasn't in that set.  When I was looking at his cards from the other flagship sets this year, I discovered something interesting about his Calbee and Topps cards - they used the same picture!  Here's his Calbee card (#102 from the Series Two set) which is the card I ultimately used in the post:

Here's his Topps card (#148):

While I have criticized both card companies for their lack of effort this year, I blame Topps for this as the Calbee card came out in June while the Topps set didn't come out until September.  You'd think that there was plenty of time for them to have noticed they were using the same photo and to have replaced it.  While this is similar to the 1982 Rod Carew situation, at least in that case Topps and Fleer were released around the same time and neither company knew what the other had done until the cards came out.

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Sean said...

That is really interesting.

It also tells us a bit about why all the photos on so many Japanese sets seem so repetitive - the companies are obviously licensing them from the same source, otherwise stuff like this wouldn't be possible.