Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Recent Ebay Order

I wanted to do a post about a recent Ebay order I received the other day.  I had seen an autographed card of Norio Tanabe from the 2022 BBM Lions set listed for a fairly reasonable price so I decided to see what else the seller had for sale.  I discovered that he had a bunch of cards from the 2021 BBM Fusion set, including the short printed Ceremonial First Pitch cards.  Now that set was the first one in which BBM had short printed the First Pitch cards and I didn't get them.  I recently started to regret that and was thinking about trying to pick them up so the fact that the seller had a bunch of them pretty cheap was really appealing.  I ended up picking up 14 of them although I'm only going to show two here:

2021 BBM Fusion #FP20

2021 BBM Fusion #FP43

Despite being originally attracted to the Tanabe card, I decided not to pick it up.  But I saw that he was also selling one of the premium "Antique" insert cards from the 2023 BBM Marines set do I decided to pick that up as well:

2023 BBM Marines #AM09

This card looks better than it scans.

So that was my initial order - the 14 Ceremonial First Pitch cards plus the "Antique" insert.  I paid for the order and very quickly got an email back from the seller telling me he'd be refunding some of the shipping costs (Ebay had not combined shipping automatically so they were taking case of it).  And then the seller sent me a discounted offer on the Tanabe auto and I decided to accept it:

It's kind of odd as Tanabe is not actually in the base set for the 2022 BBM Lions set.  But he was a coach for the team last year (and former manager) so BBM included him.

The seller then messaged me and said if I was interested in any of the other autographed cards they had listed to let them know.  I said I wasn't interested in any of the others but I was interested in the 2022 Bowman NPB "Printing Plate" for Hayato Ishita they had listed.  I was told to make an offer on it which I did and it was accepted:

I'd never gotten a "Printing Plate" before so I was excited to get it.  The seller also had singles from the Bowman NPB set available and I decided that I should pick up the Ishita card to go with the "Printing Plate".  While I was looking I found a couple other singles from the set that I wanted as well:

2022 Bowman NPB #75

2022 Bowman NPB #88

2022 Bowman NPB #57

2022 Bowman NPB #141

I decided that was enough and I didn't need to add any more to the order.  The seller shipped the cards and I got them yesterday.  I discovered that the seller had thrown in a couple extra cards:

2021 BBM Masterpiece #051

2020 BBM Fusion #FP26

2021 BBM Swallows #S45

2022 BBM Fusion #GR23

2023 BBM 1st Version #219

It's hard to tell from the scan but the Nishi card is actually a holo parallel.  I already had all the extra cards except the Sugimoto but it was still a nice gesture on the seller's part.  I will definitely be checking their listings again in the future.