Sunday, May 26, 2024

Card Of The Week May 26

Today was my last day in Japan and I am currently flying home.  It's been a great trip and I'll be doing a lot of posts about it over the next few months.

I picked up a lot of cool cards but I need to mention this card in particular:

This is card #642 of the 1996 BBM set.  It's a short printed "Late Series" card of Yonetoshi Kawamata and it is the final card I needed to not only complete the 1996 BBM set, it is the final card I needed to complete the full run of BBM sets from 1991 to the present.  It's been the final card I've needed for a few years now and I was thrilled to find it.

It's kind of funny, though, I'd had daydreams of finding this card at BITS or Quad Sports but that's not what happened.  Three days before I left for Japan, I discovered someone selling the card on Mercari and asked Ryan to pick it up for me.  He had already received it by the time I arrived and he was able to hand it to me when we met up in Tokyo.  Maybe it's not as good of a story as finding it at one of my favorite shops but I'm happy to finally be done.


Jason Presley said...

So satisfying to finally knock out an item like that.

Sean said...

Congrats (again!) on landing that card and completing the entire set run, its such a cool acheivement!

Hope you haad a safe voyage home. I'm looking forward to reading your posts about your trip!

sg488 said...

Nice card ,congrats on your complete run streak since 1991.