Wednesday, May 29, 2024

More Epoch One Cards

Continuing my posts about the cards that I brought home from Japan...

As usual I asked Ryan if he wouldn't mind ordering some of the Epoch One cards as they became available.  If you're not aware, Epoch One is Epoch's version of on demand cards a la Topps Now although they are cheaper (500 yen) and are available for three days.

Ryan has requested a bunch of cards on my behalf so far this year but by the time I last saw him last weekend, he had only received ten cards.  I selected these either because I liked the photo or because it featured an alternate uniform (or both).   It's kind of a coincidence that there's so many Ryuki Watarai cards - I wanted cards highlighting his historic Opening weekend but I also liked the photos on the cards.

Here's all ten cards - note that the first one is actually from spring training:

2024 Epoch One #079

2024 Epoch One #118

2024 Epoch One #120

2024 Epoch One #145

2024 Epoch One #172

2024 Epoch One #215

2024 Epoch One #222

2024 Epoch One #255

2024 Epoch One #260

2024 Epoch One #271

The highest print run for any of the cards was 1011 for Watari's Opening Day home run (#118) while the smallest was for Takayuki Kajitani's catch (#145) - 39.

I made a point of getting Epoch One cards for the games I went to on my last trip to Japan but I was disappointed that there were only three.  So far there have been seven eight issued for the games I went to and I've asked Ryan to pick them all up.  

Older Epoch One cards were available in many of the stores I went to.  I resisted the urge to buy any of them with the exception of this one:

2018 Epoch One #423

I came across this card at Coletre and I had absolutely no memory of this player.  As it turned out, he played with Yomiuri in both 2018 and 2019 although the only card I have for him was from the 2019 BBM Giants set.


Anonymous said...

I like the epoch one cards, wish they had parallels though.

Jason Presley said...

Love the photo on that Kajitani card. Cards need more of that.

Nick Vossbrink said...

Getting some 1970s Calbee vibes from the cropping choices on those and it's awesome.

Sean said...

I really like the photos on those cards, I wish the regular Epoch set (which I'm hoping to collect this year) would have photo selection like that.