Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Items of Interest

A couple quick things:

- BBM has a couple new box sets coming out at the end of the month. The first is a 45 card Collegiate National team set. Looks like there are two cards each of 22 players plus a card from a set of serially numbered insert cards for the same 22 players. So you'll get two cards of 21 players and three cards of one player in the set. The second set is a 50 card Rookie Edition Premium set. There are 36 "regular" cards (I'd bet on three cards per team), 12 "subset" cards (1 per team?) and possibly two premium cards - photo, film, autograph or artifact.

- Deanna Rubin recently has had posts on finding the Mint Card Shop Umeda in Osaka and on her completing the 2008 Bikkuriman Pro Yakyu sticker set.

- The new Prestige Collectibles auction can be found here.

- If you're in Tokyo on November 9th, you can attend a book signing/reading with Rob Fitts and Wally Yonamine for Rob's biography of Wally. Details are here.

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