Friday, October 15, 2010

BBM Timeline 2005

Let's try a slightly different approach to this...

The big change for BBM in 2005 was that instead of the 1st and 2nd Version sets being roughly the same size, the 1st Version set was much larger than the 2nd Version set. BBM basically made the 1st Version set the equivalent of its pre-2002 regular sets at 559 cards. The 2nd Version set was only 275 cards and featured many subsets, including a 1st Version update subset which featured cards of either traded, newly signed or newly promoted players using the same format as the 1st Version cards.

Other notable sets for 2005 were a box set featuring the newest NPB team - the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles (that included cards for the team's owner and GM) and a pack based Hanshin Tigers 70th Anniversary set. The "Historic Edition" set was called "Glorious Stars".

Here's a list of the sets for the year:

SetType# Of CardsInsertsPremium Inserts
Glorious Starspack144Legend Stars, Active StarsAutograph, Equipment
Rookie Editionpack1191995 Rookies, Former Rookie Of The YearsBall
Nippon Ham Fighters Challengersbox30NoneAutograph, Jersey
Tigers Team Setpack112Facsimile Autograph, Tigers Leaders, Tigers StarsAutograph, Equipment
Rakuten Eaglesbox47NoneNone
Swallows Team Setpack99Swallows StarsJersey, Bat, Autograph
1st Versionpack559Golden Glove, Best 9, MVPJersey
2nd Versionpack275Opening Game, Running & Fielding Specialist, Team HeroAutograph, Equipment
BayStars Team Setpack99BayStars HeroesAutograph, Equipment
Marines Team Setpack103Marines HeroesAutograph, Jersey
Buffaloes Team Setpack99Osaka Dome, Team LeadersBat, Autograph
Carp Team Setpack99Soul Of The CarpAutograph, Equipment
Eagles Team Setpack126Eagles EyeAutograph, Equipment
Lions Team Setpack102Strong Batting Lineup, Lion Heart, Diecut, PhotoAutograph, Equipment
All Starbox62NoneNone
Hawks Team Setpack99Opening Game Starting Members, Hawks HeroesAutograph, Equipment
Fighters Team Setpack99Sturm & DrangAutograph, Jersey
Dragons Team Setpack99Dragons Heroes, SpecialistAutograph, Jersey
Giants Team Setpack108Giant StepAutograph, Equipment
Tigers 70th Anniversarypack99Tigers Heroes, Tiger Best 9, Mr. TigersFilm, Autograph
Touch The Gamepack161NonePhoto, Autograph, Equipment
Hawks Gobox36NoneFilm
Marines Takumibox36NoneFilm
Central League Champion Tigersbox45NonePhoto
Kazuyoshi Tatsunamibox34NoneEquipment
Nippon Seriesbox60NoneNone
Tigers Kodobox42NoneUndershirt, Photo, Autograph

Shown at the top of the post are the 1st and 2nd Version sets. At the bottom of the post is the Eagles box set.

UPDATE: I neglected to mention that Gary Engel's "Japanese Baseball Card Checklist And Price Guide" was the source (as usual) of most of this information.

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