Sunday, November 28, 2010

20 Years Of BBM Cards - Part 1

I thought it might be interesting to show an example card from each of BBM's regular sets from the last 20 years. This post will show 1991-2000 and I'll have another one (hopefully soon) showing 2001-2010.

1991 Norifumi Nishimura #98

1992 Motonobu Tanishige #93

1993 Koji Akiyama #39

1994 Ichiro Suzuki #403

1995 Hiromitsu Ochiai #50

1996 Hiroki Kokubo #420

1997 Tsuyoshi Shinjyo #437

1998 Norihiro Nakamura #211

1999 Michihiro Ogasawara #195

2000 Atsuya Furuta #230


Jason Presley said...

1992 was one ugly set. From 1994 forward, though, I really liked that they've mostly stuck with full-bleed photography on their photos. American companies are too focused on ugly borders as if Stadium Club's success meant nothing.

Let the photos breathe!

NPB Card Guy said...

The 1992's are the ugliest of the 90's but I'm not convinced they're the ugliest BBM sets of all time. Some of the 2003-2005 designs were pretty bad too.

Of course, lately they've been saving their really hideous designs for the All Star sets...

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jason, the 1992 set was ugly. Although it is kind of "off topic" my favorite set is the 1993 Tomy ID.