Monday, November 1, 2010

Wally Yonamine

Rob Fitts had some promo cards for his biography of Wally Yonamine produced and they are available from him for the price of postage. I'd suggest emailing him at for more information. He sent me a couple today (and asked me to mention them on the blog):

They look like they were produced by the guy who does The Infinite Baseball Card Set. (I want to point out that the card looks much better than my scan...)


Jason Presley said...

Nice, I'd hoped Gary might do a card of Yonamine if he could ever find a reference for the Salt Lake uniform, would make a great addition to the Infinite Baseball Card set.

drbillellis said...

Forgive my obsession with detail - I like to date the pictures on flashback (Old Boy) cards when I get them, but then I find differences from official uniforms, too. The fancy "G" was used by the Yomiuri Giants as a yellow or gold letter on a navy cap in 1951-1952. The orange "G" on black cap is an artistic prerogative. The Giants' jersey shown on Wally is from 1953-1960. Wally was a Giants outfielder from 1951 through 1960. I think players may have mixed and matched uniform parts back then. I really like the card's bold artistry, and the great bio data on the back. (I got one of the cards from Rob free with a card order.)