Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Resources

Jason has brought a couple interesting on-line resources to my attention lately.  I mentioned the first yesterday - Yahoo Japan Store called Jambalaya that no only lists all the cards for a set, but shows scans of most of them as well.  So far they only have BBM, Calbee and All Japan Baseball Foundation sets from 2011 up.  Great place to browse and see who's in a set and what the cards look like (especially since I'm pretty slow in getting cards in most of the time).

The second resource is one that Jason himself is primarily responsible for - he's been entering a lot of Japanese sets into the Inventory Manager at the Sports Card Forum (SCF).  He's done all the Calbee sets from 1986 to the present, all the BBM base sets 1991 to the present and all the other BBM sets up to 2004.  There are some other sets included as well that may have been done by someone other than Jason - Takara, Upper Deck, Konami, 1987 Play Ball, 1990 Lotte (but not 1989), 1979 TCMA.  There's some listings from earlier Calbee sets but the ones I looked at from the mid-70's only include the Sadaharu Oh and Shigeo Nagashima cards.  Jason kept telling me he'd been working on this, but until today, I had never been able to find the listings.  Turns out that you must register and log in with SCF to be able to search these listings.  I can't find anyway to simply browse a set's checklist but you can search for a player by name and get a listing of their cards (and from that listing you can click on a card from a particular set to get a checklist for the set).

So thanks to Jason's hard work, there's a way to get a list of all the cards of a Japanese player.  Thanks Jason!

(And just taking a little look around, it looks like the 1999 and 2000 Teleca KBO cards are included in the listings as well as some of the Futera ABL cards.)


Jason Presley said...

I'm trying to make the SCF Inventory Manager a really useful resource for non-American cards, so I'm doing everything I can to research sets from other countries. In addition to those mentioned, I've added at least partial checklists for several sets from Mexico, Venezuela and Taiwan, as well.

I also try to keep up as much as I can with current minor league sets since there is really no other online resource that keeps track of them beyond about 2006. So between the US, Japan, Venezuela and Taiwan, for those players that jump from country to country on a regular basis, this will be a wonderful resource for collectors of more obscure players, or at least those who haven't been particularly successful on the MLB level.

I admit my involvement at SCF was mainly a way to help document my own collections, especially cards that were not being tracked by Beckett or the Standard Catalog. Hensley Meulens and Tuffy Rhodes really got around.

Anonymous said...

Great information. Thanks!

Jason Presley said...

As a quick update, the following sets have been added to the SCF Inventory Manager in the past 30 days:

1989 Lotte Gum
1984 & 1985 Calbee (complete)
1980-1983 Calbee (in progress)
All of the Konami Baseball Heroes sets, along with the new 2011 Baseball Allstar's set
Bandai's Owners League sets
2011 CBPL (in progress)