Monday, November 17, 2014

Last BBM Issues Of 2014 (Maybe)

After having very little new stuff on their website for a couple weeks, BBM has apparently decided to get caught up on everything they've got in the pipeline, at least for the next two weeks...

- the "Legend" set I mentioned the other day for the Lions will be released this Friday (the 21st).  The set will highlight the years from 1982 to 1994, when the Lions won 11 Pacific League pennants and 8 Nippon Series championships.  Like the Carp Legend set that's coming out in December, the base set will contain 81 cards - there's no indication that there's any sort of subset which would be a first for a "Legend" set.  There's a nine card insert set entitled "80's Best 9" (again like the Carp set) and a large number of autograph cards.

- BBM is releasing a box set for Kenta Maeda on November 27.  Entitled Red Samurai, it will contain 28 cards - a 27 card base set and one "special" card.  The base set will have 18 cards dedicated to "Milestones" and a nine card puzzle called "Amazing".  The special cards include home, away and home and away jersey cards, undershirt cards, ball cards, metallic cards (I think this is a mail-in redemption), and autograph cards.  Several of these also have parallel versions available.

I think these two issues are BBM's final two sets that will be labeled as 2014 issues.  The first set that is labeled as a 2015 issue (the annual "Historic Collection" set) is also being released on November 27.  It's not unheard of for BBM to issue a set labelled with a particular year after having already issued a set labelled with the following year, but everything I've seen so far that they are releasing in December is labelled 2015.

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