Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 BBM Lions Legends

Back in October BBM released the fourth in their series of pack based OB team sets called "Legends".  This one (I'd say the latest but they just released one for the Carp a few weeks back) is dedicated to the Lions.  The theme of the set appears to be the era between 1982 and 1994, when the Lions won 11 Pacific League pennants and 8 Nippon Series.

There's not a whole lot to be said about the set.  It's 81 cards and all the cards are of Lions personnel from that era, including their two managers from that period - Tatsuro Hirooka and Masaaki Mori.  There are no subsets of any sort in the set.  The players appearing in the set include a number of big stars including Koji Akiyama, Tsutomu Itoh, Kazuhiro Kiyohara, Kimiyasu Kudoh, Hiromichi Ishige, and Koichi Tabuchi.  The set also includes Masahiro Doi and Katsuya Nomura, who actually had retired before 1982.  The set also includes one player who is still active - Kazuo Matsui.   There are several gaijin players in the set - Orestes Destrade, Steve Ontiveros, Ty Van Burkleo, George Vukovich and Terry Whitfield.  I believe that these are the first BBM cards ever for Vukovich and Whitfield.

The biggest name that I see that is missing from the set is Hall of Famer Osamu Higashio.  Yutaka Enatsu is another big name that could have been included but he only spent one year with the Lions at the end of his career.

The cards themselves are reasonably attractive.  They use the same design as the previous sets in the "Legends" series with a different border color.  There's a pretty good variety of types of photos although they're a tad on the grainy side.  This is another set that looks better in person than it did on line at Jambalaya.






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