Tuesday, December 1, 2015

2015 Eagles Team Issued Cards

I recently picked up a handful of cards from the 2015 Eagles team issued set.  I had picked up some cards from the "Memorial Uniform" subset from this set a few months back but these were the first of the "regular" player cards I'd gotten from the set.  This isn't quite like some of the other team sets where I don't know much about them - this set is available to view on Jambalaya.  There are 93 cards in the base set - 76 "regular" cards, 15 "Memorial Uniform" subset cards and two other kind of oddball subset cards.  Since you can see all the cards online, I don't need to list the ones I got but I will show the front and back of the Ginji (Akaminai) card:

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Tony Burbs said...

I wish teams in the US released such comprehensive/large team sets like these. hell, I wish more of them would actually issue a team set at all!