Monday, December 7, 2015

Latest New Stuff

A couple new sets have been announced in the last few weeks:

- 2016 will mark the 80th Anniversary of the Dragons and BBM is sneaking out an Anniversary set this month.  This will be a pack based set featuring 81 cards in the base set, a 15 card insert set called "Dragons Heroes" and the usual myriad of autograph cards.  Like the Tigers 80th Anniversary set from last spring, this set is smaller than the two previous Anniversary sets for the team - the 2006 70th and the 2011 75th.  The set will be released on December 11 (this Friday).

- BBM is also releasing a set dedicated to Sawamura Award winners this month.  This will be a 38 card box set called "Spirit Of Legend".  There will be 36 cards in the base set plus two "special" cards which could be insert cards, parallel versions of insert cards or autographed cards.  I think all the cards in the base set depict Sawamura Award winners but the insert cards include potential Sawamura Award winners "in the near future" Shohei Ohtani and Shintaro Fujinami.  The set comes out on December 21.

- In February Sports Graphic Number is putting out a set dedicated to Hiroki Kuroda of the Carp.  This is a pack based set that has 45 cards in its base set, 18 insert cards plus nine photo cards and autograph and memorabilia cards.

- There was a set released in the last few weeks that I think I neglected to mention previously.  The set is a "Fans Choice" set for the Swallows where Swallows fans have picked three players to be featured in the set.  The three players are Tetsuto Yamada, Shingo Kawabata and Shohei Tateyama.  The base set has 45 cards and there are 15 insert cards plus a number of possible autograph and memorabilia cards.  There was a similar set released last year that I mistakenly thought was released by Sports Graphic Number as it was very similar to the style of their sets.  I think the set is actually being released by the Swallows themselves.  You can see all the cards here.

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Jason Presley said...

I was compiling checklists for a lot of the sets I've missed over the past 6 months and realized Sportscard Jambalaya has started including scans of card backs.