Sunday, April 15, 2018

Card Of The Week April 15

I've got three hours before Shohei Ohtani's start against the Royals today makes me change my mind about what I'm posting about...

The Marines and Hawks were tied 5-5 going into the ninth inning in their game today in Kagoshima.  Softbank brought Dennis Sarfate to hold off Lotte in the ninth but he ended up giving up the go-ahead run.  In the bottom of ninth though, Yuki Yanagita came up with a runner on and did this:

Yanagita said after the game that "Safe-chan and Ls don't go together".

Here's Yanagita's rookie card from the 2011 BBM 1st Version set (#024):


SumoMenkoMan said...

Awesome hit!! Sucks the game was postponed this afternoon...we'll have to wait until Tuesday now.

NPB Card Guy said...

Yeah it doubly sucks for me because now he's pitching against my favorite team and the game is at 10 PM my time which means I'm unlikely to see much of it.