Sunday, May 6, 2018

Card Of The Week May 6

Daisuke Matsuzaka got the win in last Monday's victory by the Dragons over the Baystars.  He didn't pitch particularly well - he threw 114 pitches in six innings and walked seven but held DeNA to three hits and one earned run while striking out six.  In other words, it was lot like his starts for the Red Sox circa 2010.  What was significant about the win is that it was his win at the ichi-gun level since September 19, 2006 (he had a win with the Hawks' farm team in 2016).  Here's his 2018 BBM 1st Version card (#280), the only card I have (so far) of him as a Dragon:

I was a little amused to notice that BBM has his birthdate wrong on the back of the card.  Instead of September 13, 1980 they have September 13, 1990.  This of course would mean he was 7 years old when he starred in the 1998 Koshien tournament, 8 years old when drafted by Seibu in the fall of 1998 and made his NPB debut in 1999 and 16 when he signed with the Red Sox.  It would also mean that he was born 10 years too late for his namesake "Matsuzaka Generation".  OK, I've probably milked a simple typographical error enough (God knows I've made enough of them on this blog) but here's a look at the back of his card:

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