Tuesday, October 22, 2019

NPB Players On Premier 12 Rosters

I wanted to do a quick post on the current and former NPB players on the rosters of the Premier 12 teams (other than the Samurai Japan roster of course).  As far as I can tell, there's at least one NPB player on every team except the Netherlands (surprisingly neither Wladimir Balentien or Rick Van Den Hurk are on the team).  I think that the only NPB player from Team Australia is Daryl George who was an ikusei player with the Buffaloes a couple years back.  I don't list him with the rest of the players because I don't have any Japanese cards of him.

The article on the WBSC's website describing Cuba's roster lists Oscar Colas of the Hawks but their actual roster does not so I don't have him listed here.  It wouldn't surprise me if I missed a couple players.

UPDATE - Steve Smith pointed out that I had missed that Travis Blackley of the Australian team had played in NPB.  He also provided me with a photo of a card of George.  I've updated the post to include these cards.  Thanks Steve!


Travis Blackley - Eagles 2014
2014 BBM 1st Version #003
Daryl George - Buffaloes 2017
2017 Buffaloes 120


Scott Mathieson - Giants 2012-present
2017 Epoch Giants #06


Frederich Cepeda - Giants 2014-15
2014 BBM Giants #G057
Alfredo Despaigne - Marines 2014-16, Hawks 2017-present
2019 Epoch NPB #065
Yurisbel Gracial - Hawks 2018-present
2019 Calbee #154
Ariel Martinez - Dragons 2018-present
2018 Epoch Dragons Rookies & Stars #42
Raidel Martinez - Dragons 2018-present
2018 BBM Dragons #D32
Livan Moinelo - Hawks 2017-present
2018 BBM Hawks #H15
Roel Santos - Marines 2017
2017 BBM Genesis #027

Dominican Republic

Samuel Adames - Giants 2018-present
2018 BBM Fusion #609
Enny Romero - Dragons 2019
2019 BBM Dragons #D31


Matt Clark - Dragons 2013
2013 Bandai Owners League 02 #020
Efren Navarro - Tigers 2019
2019 BBM Tigers #T58
Christian Villanueva - Giants 2019
2019 BBM Giants #G47

Puerto Rico

Miguel Mejia - Lions 2015
2015 BBM Lions #L24
Orlando Roman - Swallows 2012-15
2015 Epoch Swallows Victory Memorial #11


Kuan-Yu Chen - Baystars 11-14, Marines 15-present
2019 BBM Marines #M27
Yaku Cho (Yi Chang) - Buffaloes 17-present
2019 BBM Buffaloes #B35
Chia-Hao Sung - Eagles 16-present
2019 BBM Eagles #E22
Po-Jung Wang - Fighters 2019
2019 BBM Fighters #F70


Brandon Dickson - Buffaloes 2013-present
2013 Front Runner Buffaloes Season Summary #01


Carlos Rivero - Swallows 2017
2017 BBM Fusion #608
Miguel Socolovich - Carp 2013
2013 BBM 1st Version #089

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