Tuesday, August 16, 2022

1969 JGA 183 Cards

I recently picked up several cards from the 1969 JGA 183 set, a set that Engel refers to as the "Perforated Trump" set.  There's not a lot known about these cards but Engel states that they were most likely a magazine insert.  There's only twelve cards in the set that they were distributed in a perforated strip.  It's apparently a pretty rare set - Engel gives it a "scarcity factor" of "R5" which means "5 or fewer copies known of most cards".  Since I don't know where these cards came from, I don't know if any of them are from the five or fewer that Engel knows about.

The cards themselves are small, measuring 1 3/16 inches by 1 1/2 inches.  Each card has a playing card suit on the front - each suit has three cards.  The fronts also include the player's name, team and position along with some text about the player.  The backs are blank.  Engel mentions that the year the set was published had to be 1969 because the Yutaka Enatsu card mentions him setting the strikeout record in 1968 and the set includes Masaichi Kaneda who retired after the 1969 season.

I have seven of the cards from the set:

Shinichi Eto

Yutaka Enatsu

Minoru Murayama

Tsuneo Horiuchi

Masaichi Kaneda

Isao Shibata

Shigeru Takada

The five cards I don't have are for Sadaharu Oh, Shigeo Nagashima, Shozo Doi, Masahiko Mori and Katsuya Nomura.


thedude said...

It is a lovely set. I think recently an entire set was up for sale on Yahoo auctions.. Sadly it went above my price point. Really cool though!

NPB Card Guy said...

I got these as seven individual auctions on Ebay so maybe the seller broke up a complete set after it didn't sell. I got outbid on the Nomura card and I saw but didn't bid on auctions for the Doi, Nagashima and Oh cards. The Oh was listed at $1000 the first time I saw it and then for $500 which is WAY above my price point.