Thursday, November 17, 2022

2022 Topps Now Samurai Japan Cards

I mentioned that Topps was issuing Topps Now cards for Samurai Japan's games from earlier this month in a post the other day and I even did an update to that post two days ago about it.  But there's even more news about these cards so I decided to just go ahead and do a post about them.

Topps has put up for sale 16 total cards in two eight card batches.  The first batch went live early on Tuesday morning Japan time while the second batch went live early on Thursday morning Japan time.  Cards 1 through 4 commemorate the warmup game on November 5th against the Fighters and feature Shugo Maki, Tomoya Mori, Munetaka Murakami and Taisei (Ota).  Cards 5 through 8 are from the warmup game against the Giants the next day and feature Tetsuto Yamada, Yasutaka Shiomi, Murakami and Soichiro Yamazaki.  Cards 9 through 12 are from the first game against Team Australia on November 9th and include Shota Imanaga, Kazuma Okamoto, Shosei Togo and Teruaki Sato while the last four cards (13 to 16) are for the second game against the Australians the next day and feature Roki Sasaki, Kensuke Kondoh, Hiromi Itoh and Ukyo Shuto.

The cards are listed on the site at 1100 yen ($7.84) apiece but that's a little deceptive - the card itself is 1000 yen ($7.13) with an additional 100 yen ($0.71) in tax for Japanese customers.  However, overseas customers don't have to pay that tax.  And that's the good news about these cards - it is possible to order them from outside of Japan!  The bad news is that shipping for the cards will run you 3900 yen (around $28) whether you buy one card or many.

Topps is not offering a discount for buying all eight cards of either batch at once but they are offering discounts on buying multiple copies of single cards.  Five copies of a card is only 3000 yen, ten copies is 5000 yen and 20 copies is 8000 yen.  (These prices don't include the 10% Japanese taxes so if you're in Japan, 20 copies of one card will run you 8800 yen.)

The first eight cards will be on sale until Tuesday, November 22 at 3 AM Japan time (Monday, November 21 at 1 PM EST in the US) and the second eight will be on sale until Thursday, November 24 at 3 AM Japan time (Wednesday, November 23 at 1 PM EST in the US). 

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