Sunday, November 20, 2022

Card Of The Week November 20

I've picked up several new Seiya Suzuki cards lately, mostly insert cards but there's a couple that are from sets I didn't buy.  I think this card might be my favorite of the these - it's from the "All-Around Players" insert set (#AA20) from the 2016 BBM Classic set:

This is a throwback to the "All-Around Players" insert set from the 1995 BBM set.  I really wish BBM would bring back the Classic set and/or do things like this more often.  I also think that Topps would be better off doing an Archives or Heritage set for NPB rather than a Bowman set.

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Jason Presley said...

I agree. Since Topps is pretty good with the retro-styled sets, an NPB set using designs from the last 50 years would be nice. They might need to do a little legal research to see what the copyright laws are with respect to design work, but I would love to see a set using old menko, bromides, karuta, candy issues, Kabaya-Leaf, Takara or NST designs. That is at least one thing the current companies have never really done in Japan. But that might take some real work, and so far, Topps has not shown the slightest inclination to put forth more than the most basic effort in their NPB sets.