Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Summer Sets

Quick post to catch up on some recently announced sets...

- BBM's 2nd Version set, the second of their three "flagship" sets, will be out in early August.  The set looks like it breaks down the way almost every 2nd Version set has since 2015 - 216 "regular" player cards (18 per team), 36 "1st Version Update" cards (3 per team), 12 team checklists and 36 cards (3 per team) making up the second half of the "Cross Moon" cross set subset (with the first half having been in the 1st Version set).  That's a total of 300 cards.  There's also a currently unannounced number of "Ceremonial First Pitch" cards which are likely short-printed and not considered part of the base set.  There are six insert sets - "Mr. Franchise" (12 cards), "Kirinji" (24 cards), "Fireworks" (24 cards), "Treasure" (12 cards), "Foil Picturesque" (12 cards) and "Combo Cross Foil Signing" (12 cards).  There are also a bunch of autograph and memorabilia cards but BBM hasn't released any details about them.

- BBM's announced the final two of their annual "comprehensive" team sets.  Each set has a base set of 81 cards, most of which are "regular" player cards featuring the manager and the players on the 70 man roster plus a couple subsets (which may not be fully defined yet) to fill out the set.  Each set also has 18 non-premium insert cards split into a variety of sets which also may not be fully defined yet.  The Treasure, Esperanza and Antique inserts are all serially numbered.  (If it's not obvious, the "Regular Cards", "Treasure", "Esperanza" and "Antique" columns are the total number of those type of cards in each set)

Release Date Team Regular Cards Subsets Non-Premium Inserts Treasure Esperanza Antique Other
Mid July Dragons 66 Top Prospects (3), Over The Top (6), Pride & Passion (6) Be The Best (9), We Can & We Will (3), Power+ (6) 18 15 24 Autograph cards, jersey cards for Kaito Muramatsu & Hiroki Fukunaga
Late July Baystars 68 Mighty Lefty (3), Spring Fever (6), Lock On (2), Enhance (2) Starlight (9), Ready Set Go (3), Future Core (3), Big Bang (3) 18 15 24 Autograph cards

- The first of BBM's two annual cheerleader/dance squad sets - "Dancing Heroine - Hana" - will be released in late August.  It's an 80 card set featuring cheerleaders from the Hawks, Eagles, Lions, Marines, Fighters, Swallows, Tigers, Giants and Dragons.  I don't know why the Buffaloes and Baystars are not included - the Carp don't have cheerleaders.  There are also nine "Two Shot" insert cards and a number of autograph cards.

- Epoch has announced two more of their "Premier Edition" team sets.  The latest ones are for the Swallows and the Dragons.  The base set for the Swallows set contains 40 cards while the Dragons set has 45 cards.  Each base set card has a holographic parallel.  Both sets have the same massive amount of insert cards (takes deep breath...) - "Regular Printed Signature (Silver)" (18 cards), "Regular Printed Signature (Gold)" (18 cards), "Regular Printed Signature (Hologram A: Silver)" (18 cards), "Regular Printed Signature (Hologram A: Gold)" (18 cards), "Regular Printed Signature Variation (Hologram A: Silver)" (9 cards), "Regular Printed Signature Variation (Hologram A: Gold)" (9 cards), "Regular Printed Signature Variation (Hologram B: Silver)" (9 cards), "Regular Printed Signature Variation (Hologram B: Gold)" (9 cards), "Metal Power (Silver)" (18 cards), "Metal Power (Gold)" (18 cards), "Metal Power (Hologram A: Silver)" (18 cards), "Metal Power (Hologram A: Gold)" (18 cards), "Metal Power (Hologram B: Silver)" (18 cards), "Metal Power (Hologram B: Gold)" (18 cards), "Time To Shine (Hologram A)" (6 cards), "Time To Shine (Hologram B)" (6 cards), "Time To Shine (Hologram C)" (6 cards), "Decomori Signature (Gold) (6 cards), "Decomori Signature (Green) (6 cards), "Decomori Signature (Hologram) (6 cards), "Gem" (6 cards) and "Black Gem" (6 cards).  There are four types of autograph cards associated with each set - "Authentic", "Rookie", "Baseball'" and "1 Of 1".  The Dragons set also has "Rookie Combo", "Star" and "Next Generation Combo" autograph cards while the Swallows set list "Combo" autographs without any more detail. The Swallows set will be out on July 8th and the Dragons set will be released on a week later on the 15th.


Sean said...

I'm kind of tempted to buy those BBM Dragons cards this year. I've never bought cards from a BBM team specific set before, but with Calbee producing only 15 regular cards per team this year it seems likely that a lot of decent players are going to be left out (well, that always happens, but even more so this year).

NPB Card Guy said...

It seems like the Dragons are one of the teams that BBM puts a little more effort into their team set so they usually look pretty good

Jason Presley said...

Several of the BBM team sets from this year have this as one of the parallels:


Which Google translates to:

"There is a gold paper foil stamping version limited to 25 each for 6 new players"

I'm going to assume "new players" means rookies, and that since they don't denote the cards in the checklist with any kind of symbol, I'm going to assume it is the same 6 players that are featured in the Rookie Autographs. Would you agree with that assumption?

NPB Card Guy said...

I'm not sure. Looking at the cards over at Jambalaya, there are "Gold Paper" and "Gold Paper Holo" parallels numbered to 100 or 150 depending on the team and the parallel type. If these are what you're talking about, they aren't limited to the rookies. If they aren't (and they probably aren't because you probably already looked at Jambalaya) then what you're saying sounds correct. I'm assuming it's not six for every team since some teams don't have six "rookies".

Have I mentioned that I hate parallels?

Jason Presley said...

I'm beginning to think the entry of Epoch and Topps in to the NPB market has been a bad influence on BBM. In 2nd Version, some of the inserts have up to 7 parallel foil versions.