Friday, June 14, 2024

2014 3D Calbee Cards

I question sometimes if I should be tagging posts about cards that I got from Ryan when I was in Japan with the "2024 Trip" tag since these are cards he would have mailed me if I hadn't met up with him as opposed to cards I bought in stores while I was there.  But that's probably too much hair-splitting to worry about.

Among the cards that Ryan had picked up for me in the last few months were some 3D cards that Calbee had made available as "Lucky Card" redemption prizes in 2014.  I say "3D" but really these are more of the "Sportsflics" style cards with multiple images on them.  There were six of these in all with two being given away with each of the three Calbee Series that year.  I had seen someone selling a couple of these on Ebay and I almost bought them before I decided to check Yahoo! Japan Auctions.  It turned out that I could get four of them much cheaper there than Ebay so I asked Ryan to grab them for me.

The ones for Series One were for the previous year's Rookies Of The Year - Takahiro Norimoto and Yasuhiro Ogawa:



The scans don't show off the cards very well.  Each one probably has four separate images on it.  I took some photos from different angles to try to capture this:

Series Two had cards of Sho Nakata and Shinnosuke Abe:



These also each have four separate images on them although I had a difficult time trying to capture them with these photos:

Series Three had cards of Yuki Nishi and Tomoyuki Sugano.  I had actually forgotten that these two cards existed until I started writing this post - I'll have to look for them as well.

Calbee did two 3D cards in 2015 - one in Series One (Sugano again) and one in Series Two (Chihiro Kaneko) (which I also need to start looking for).  I'm not positive but I think this might be the last time that Calbee had something more interesting than a card holder as the prize for the "Lucky Cards".  Sean has a post about his son redeeming a card a couple years ago and just getting the same cards he could have pulled from packs.  And I'm pretty sure at least one of their Series last year didn't even have "Lucky Cards".


Fuji said...

I love 3D cards! They might be a pain in the butt to scan... but they sure are pretty when held in your hand.

NPB Card Guy said...

I completely agree with you