Thursday, June 20, 2024

Son Ah-seop

For the second time this season the KBO has a new career leader in a major offensive category.  Choi Jeong set the new record for most home runs back in April and today (well, last night in Korea) Son Ah-seop of the NC Dinos became the all time KBO hits leader, getting hit number 2,505 to pass former LG Twins star Park Yong-taik.

Son was drafted by the Lotte Giants in 2007 and spent his first 15 seasons in Busan before joining the Dinos as a free agent in the 2021-22 off season.  He's led the league in hits four times (2012, 2013, 2017, & 2023) and in batting once (2023).  He's played on the Korean National Team for the 2013 and 2017 WBCs and the 2015 Premier 12.

His first baseball card was in the 2014 Ntreev Duael Super Star Season 1 set and he's appeared in at least one KBO set every year since then (including the set that was just released last week).  He has not, however, appeared on any WBC cards to the best of my knowledge.  Here's a quick assortment of his cards - I don't have any KBO cards after 2021 so I have no cards of him with NC:

2014 Ntreev Duael Super Star Season 1 #SBC01-057

2014-15 Ntreev Duael Superstar Blue Edition #SBCBE-120-AS

2015 Ntreev Duael Super Star Season 1 #SBC1501-130-N

2015 SMG Ntreev Super Star Season 2 - Stickers

2016 SMG Ntreev Baseball's Best Players Forever Ace #LO002

2017 SCC KBO League #SCC-01-LT10/N

2018 SCC KBO League Regular Collection 1 #SCCR-01/072

2019 SCC Regular Collection 2 #SCCR2-01/139

2020 SCC KBO League Premium Collection #SCCP1-20/G18

2021 SCC KBO Golden Premium #SCC-21/G18

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